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Street tournament

All different streets in Clayville and from other places in the province will form small teams for any kind of sport. Different teams will therefore play each other from the same area, e.g. Clayville, whereby the winning team will be rewarded. Best performing players will be selected to build up a team that will represent their ward in the ward level – the next level.

Ward tournament

From each ward, Good performing players will be selected to build up a team that will represent their ward in the ward level. This team will then play against other wards within the same municipality.

The winning team will, again, be rewarded. Following the same routine, best performed players will be chosen and form up a team that will compete in a district tournament that will lead them to being a provincial tournament participant.

District tournament

In this stage all municipal teams will play against each other and the winning team will be rewarded as normal and players be selected based on their performance – like in the previous stages. This team will have an opportunity to represent the province in a provincial tournament against other provinces. A team that wins this main tournament, provincial tournament, will be awarded an opportunity to represent our country globally.

Provincial Tournament

Therefore, this routine of tournaments will be encouraged to all provinces of the country. Each province will be expected to produce a strong team that will represent the province in a provincial tournament.

This provincial tournament is expected to take place each and every year in order to be able to contribute in developing careers in the country. No players will be allowed to take part more than once in the tournaments, therefore, everyone will have a chance to participate in the tournaments.

Compensation and Rewards

No participant will be given cash in hands or have cash given to their parents or guardian. Compensation and rewards must be invested in a TRUST FUND for future study purposes of participants. Each participant will have a separate TRUST FUND account that will accumulate all their compensation and rewards throughout the tournament.

Compensation and rewards should accumulate separately per participant and be released to them in a form of a bursary to be used in their educational studies. This TRUST FUND will also be used to advance careers of participants should they wish not to take further their studies to tertiary level, but, rather to advance their careers. All participants will be expected to reach and obtain metric certificate in order to redeem their TRUST FUNDs. TRUST FUNDs will conditionally be released without metric certificate provided the circumstance is above participants’ control.